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Can IB education help students engage in a globalised society?

The International Baccalaureate has developed globally-minded and globally aware students for more than 50 years. A crucial part of IB’s mission and philosophy is the intent to foster students who will build an upstanding world through intercultural understanding and respect. The IB policies, practices and curricula have global-mindedness and global awareness entwined within.

New language - An asset

For IB students, learning an additional language is not only a requirement but also a vital component of IB education. It allows them to interact with new people and work in multilingual domains. In every IB programme, the study and enhancement of an additional language are crucial because it empowers the students to network with significant people across the globe. Proficiency in a second language is a prerequisite to earning an IB diploma.

Participation in study abroad programme

While it is not a requirement to take part in a study abroad experience, which plays an integral aspect in the growth of intercultural cognizance, many students take advantage of the opportunity and avail the privileges. IB alumni surveys indicate that former IB students are ten times more likely to participate in post-secondary study abroad programmes than students who have not followed an IB programme.

A survey conducted for a study of the IB alumni on the never-ending effects of their participation in IB programmes indicated that IB alumni endured a deeper perspective of global issues. They lauded their IB education experiences for furnishing them with practical skills – for example, the ability to communicate in an additional language and discern cultural differences – which have had a clear and positive impact on their professional lives.

According to the World Bank Report of 2019, most researchers have agreed that jobs in today’s time entail interpersonal skills that include adaptability and flexibility. Furthermore, a radical disposition toward learning enhances the analysis required for the conformation of unknown or fluctuating situations. Learning is a central component of productivity in this world of globalisation for the following reasons: - First, newcomers and the existing job holders should continue to learn and keep abreast of the changes in the business world, collaborate adequately with diverse associations, and work with emerging technology. Second, financial resources provided by the government and other educational bodies are required to provide an improved foundation for various complicated cognitive skills needed today and in the future.

Thus, IB education is critical to aid students in developing global interpersonal and analytical skills, as jobs demanding such skills are an expanding element of this new stage of globalisation.

Inspiring students to think as global citizens is a vital aspect of educators. It is paramount for the teachers to enhance cultural awareness not just acquired through books but through associations and collusions with people from different countries, settings and ethnicities.

An international approach is a distinct feature of the young generation today. It views the world free of boundaries driven by the technological advances that bridge them not just to its community but also to those in other countries.

IB education constitutes quality practice from national and international research and the global community. It motivates students to become global thinkers within an intricate and well-connected world. The students are inspired to think and express themselves confidently, be agile and expand their knowledge beyond academia. Hence, it is imperative that the number of schools offering IB programmes increases, aiming to prepare the students to participate in a globalised society.

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