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Mrs. Vijayalakshmi & Mr. Manjunatha
Mrs. Revathi & Mr. Govindrajan
Mrs. Shweta and Mr. Sanjay
Innovative Smart learning

Tanisha (IBDP Batch 2022-24)

After 2 months of pre-university college life, I found out about Knowledgeum Academy and soon realised that it would be a better opportunity for me to join the IBDP.

The day when I joined, I was very nervous about how I would cover the syllabus as I had joined 4 months late, however, the teachers were extremely supportive in helping me complete the syllabus and still keeping it engaging. After joining the Academy, I have noticed an increase in my confidence, speaking skills, and creativity. In the classes, we have a lot of interactions, debates, and presentations and teachers give us different kinds of activities to learn every subject through action and experience.

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Varsha (IBDP Batch 2022-24)

I joined IB as I wanted to prepare to study abroad but now 5 months into this curriculum I think it's a way of life.

In IB, unique elements such as CAS,TOK helps us go deeper into our knowledge. The student-facilitator ratio is small, so we get individual assistance. It gives us a chance to build on our research, communication, and even time management skills. It is more of a student-led programme. The programme focuses on conceptual learning and applying the skills in real life. The most exciting part of IBDP is the subject choices, as we have so many to choose from based on our interests. Knowledgeum Academy has provided us with a speechcraft programme that is meant for undergrad but we had a wonderful time and it had a greater impact on our communication skills. We also had various universities coming in that guided us and explained to us how universities abroad work. All in all, after coming here I have started to work on myself and know that if I manage my time smartly, everything is possible.

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Samyuktha (IBDP Batch 2022-24)

My journey in Knowledgeum Academy has been very pleasant. We got amazing opportunities to showcase our interests, knowledge, and talents all through the journey.

We have been able to develop holistically both in terms of academics and non-academic activities which too are included as a part of the curriculum. Also following the IB curriculum, we are exposed to international-mindedness and many other qualities that we are required to develop. We get to see and explore what we are learning as IB is application-based learning which feels more lively and also fosters curiosity. Being a part of Knowledgeum Academy has definitely built my personality and made me more outgoing and confident

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Akshat (IBDP Batch 2022-24)

My journey has been excellent thus far because I have greatly improved my communication and research skills, and I am constantly motivated by all of our teachers. This place makes me feel like myself because I choose the subjects that I'm truly interested in.
Thank you so much, Knowledgeum Academy!

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Tushad (IBDP Batch 2022-24)

IBDP is a demanding and motivating course for a learner to study as it supports your total, holistic learning and development as a person, and at Knowledgeum Academy, everything you need is offered.

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Gokul (IBDP Batch 2022-24)

In these past 7 months, my experience at Knowledgeum Academy has been good. I have had many opportunities to learn, meet different universities for my future education, and enjoy my journey.

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