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University Preparation

The rigorous curriculum of Knowledgeum Academy goes above and beyond to prepare learners for the academic and social challenges of university life. The preparation for the next steps beyond diploma begins the moment learners arrive at Knowledgeum Academy. The dedicated career guidance and advisory team will support them throughout their time at Knowledgeum Academy, and will help them find and narrow down post-secondary options that fit their academic goals, learning style, and personality profile.

Knowledgeum Academy's college counselling programme assists learners in strategically building their profile and gaining substantive experience to bolster college applications. A well-rounded profile showcases more than just academics. We are invested in helping each student put together the strongest possible college applications. Through guiding learners in pursuing extracurriculars that align with their interests and reflect their passions, connecting learners with mentors in fields of interest who can provide internship opportunities and career guidance, running informative workshops on profile-building strategies and navigating the admissions process, matching students with substantive summer enrichment programmes we individualised guidance every step of the way, and empowers learners to build strong profiles, gain meaningful experiences, and highlight their value to their dream schools.

We are tied up with upGrad Connect, an international organisation that provides a wide spectrum of services at every stop through each learners study, career and well-being journey. upGrad Connect is a part of upGrad, a global leader in higher online education and the largest Higher EdTech organisation in South Asia.

They deliver a tech-driven, human-led experience for all learners seeking success through international education. Through their global network of institution partners and service providers, they offer broad-based and custom services ranging from an array of enriching programmes to engaging international partnerships.

The students who aspire to pursue undergraduate programme in universities abroad are also provided with coaching for SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL with a reputed partner. * At an additional cost

At Knowledgeum Academy, Bengaluru, our IB learners will continue their education at top colleges and universities in India and abroad. Our international programmes focus on real- world learning and will help our learners stand out during college or university admissions.

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