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Where the energies were soaring and the participants scoring: Kite-Flying Festival

14 January 2023

On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the academy hosted a DIY kite-flying competition where the learners were enlightened about the origin and purpose of the festival.

In Karnataka, Makara Sankranti is observed with a ritual known as "Ellu Birodhu," in which women exchange "Ellu Bella" (regional delicacies made from freshly cut sugarcane, sesame seeds, jaggery, and coconut) with family and friends. Farmers mark the occasion as "Suggi," or "harvest festival," by dressing up their bulls and cows in colourful costumes. Farmers and their bulls jump over fire in a ritual known as "Kichchu Haayisuvudu." People also believe that flying vibrant kites is a way of expressing gratitude for bestowing a bountiful season upon them.

In the festive spirit, the students were provided with colourful stationery and ornaments and grouped into teams with a designated educator per team. The teams were instructed to build their kites and fly them during the competition. The activity was fun-filled and everyone enjoyed themselves while learning about the auspicious festival and watching their kites soar high.

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