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Mind the Memory: Webinar with Mr. Bhuvan Dhanesha

25 February 2023

A unique webinar was conducted by Mr. Bhuvan Dhanesha, speaker and the President of the World Memory Sports Council, Maharashtra. The webinar was organised keeping various aspects that affect students during or after their examinations.

He designed the webinar emphasising on elements that need closer attention of the students and drove the conversation with great zeal and command.

All the segments of the #ExamSuccess webinar were as follows:

  • Chalking up an examination revision plan
  • Ways to train the subconscious in order to boost confidence
  • Realistic actions and steps to take during exam stress
  • Introduction of a unique memory technique to excel in examinations

The coaching session turned out to be a notable success and helped many students to learn the right way to prepare for exams.

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