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International Mother Language Day : A multilingual get-together to cherish mother tongues!

27 February 2023

The celebration of International Mother Language Day recognises languages and the role of multilingualism that play an integral part in promoting inclusivity. Knowledgeum Academy supports and promotes multilingual education since the curriculum aids in the development of students' minds by allowing for a variety of linguistic experiences.

The learners participated in several events prompted by the faculty and organising staff. They prepared presentations on the history and origin of their mother tongues. The learners had an opportunity to converse with each other in their native language and learn about the various similarities and differences among them. Two of our talented learners also presented a beautiful dance form for the onlookers. The event concluded with a fun potluck arranged by the staff and students where they exchanged authentic delicacies belonging to their hometowns.

The purpose of celebrating International Mother Language Day was successfully met and turned into a day filled with fun, ideas, intellectual exchanges and healthy bonding.

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