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DP1 Students Orientation Programme

17 July 2023

Celebrating the start of a fresh and exciting journey, Knowledgeum Academy brimmed with hope and enthusiasm as we warmly welcomed our new group of IB Diploma learners on the 17th of July, 2023. The atmosphere was filled with joyous laughter and eager eyes as these young minds began their path of exploration and growth.

The orientation commenced with an inauguration ceremony and cultural performances, followed by the distribution of welcome kits. An ice-breaking session was conducted to engage the learners. Subsequently, they were introduced to their educators, and later, they met the DP2 learners to learn more about campus life.

On the second day, the learners had the chance to introduce themselves to their peers, sharing their academic goals, achievements, and expectations from the academy. They were also familiarised with Knowledgeum Academy's values, policies, and regulations. The day concluded with an activity aimed at enhancing grooming and etiquette.

Days three and four focused on the learners' physical and mental fitness. On day three, they visited the JAIN Sports School to participate in physical activities. Day four emphasised the importance of physical and mental well-being in a learner's life and introduced them to the theatre club.

The final day of the orientation included the participation of parents. They were introduced to the academy's values and their roles in their children's lives. A collaborative activity was conducted to engage the parents, culminating in performances by the DP1 learners showcasing their talents, successfully concluding the orientation week.

Each learner felt a sense of belonging and excitement, eager to embark on this new academic adventure alongside their fellow peers and educators. The academy is amazed by the potential and talent these learners possess, and we look forward to witnessing their journey of continuous learning and self-discovery unfold.

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