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Why is IBDP getting popular?

IB school provides a student-centered environment where 'inquiring' is a key element which helps them to become better communicators and inquirers. It helps them to become independent and critical thinkers. IB also includes extracurricular activities in its curriculum.

The courses require a lot of independent thinking, oral presentations, and original research. IB courses are known to be interdisciplinary - all of which are hallmarks of college courses.

The platform provides students with an excellent learning environment where inquiry is emphasized as a critical tool for making them better communicators, inquirers, and independent thinkers. It also includes the CAS component which determines their holistic growth.

IB World Schools produce global citizens who have relevant global awareness and possess strong academic, social and emotional characteristics. The curriculum helps them understand various issues of significance and to prepare them for higher education.

A course at an International Baccalaureate school is broad and balanced. Students learn the concepts independently as they observe their natural environment and relate them to the real-life situations. This makes them analytical.

The teachers are required to participate in many professional development opportunities to keep abreast of new concerns and practices in education, with the aim of enabling them to act ethically.

The schools provide a positive environment that fosters traits like intelligence, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging that students display positive academic behavior, resulting in a successful life.

International Baccalaureate is recognized globally, and it eases the scholastic transitions of mobile students so that their education doesn’t get negatively affected if their families move. An interdisciplinary teaching approach is coupled with a global perspective to create students with a sense of global citizenship.

Students volunteer more in school and outside than public school students because the IB curriculum encourages a 'growth' mindset rather than a 'fixed' one. Beginning in primary years, the curriculum helps students develop independent thought and research skills.

The students develop a sense of global mindedness by learning how to think critically and compassionately, and also by becoming conscious of the shared humanity that binds all of us together. The school focuses on improving the horizons of students regardless of their cultural and racial background. Students gain familiarity with the whole world in a classroom. They are taught to appreciate everyone even if they are from different backgrounds.

A well-rounded educational experience here is both broad and deep. The students study languages and develop analytical and critical thinking skills. They also excel in traditional academic subjects and to explore the nature of knowledge through the programme’s unstructured learning. They learn to cultivate a practice for social responsibility early on and gain some valuable experience in carrying out actionable projects.

Students participating in the International Baccalaureate are exposed to CAS - Creativity, Activity, Service - in order to acquire knowledge through hands-on experience and act in service to others. Students pursue their own interests and skills through projects, clubs, community service, and sports.

The programme encourages them to pursue and draw connections between what they learn and what interests and inspires them. They enjoy freedom of choice.

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