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What is an IB School/Education?

Some of the most important skills that every child must know are learning, unlearning and relearning. Over the past few decades, we all have seen technologies, trends and social constructs being built, demolished and rebuilt. This means children must be resilient and rapidly adapt to change. For this, the individual must have highly developed skills for research, critical thinking, organisation, and communication. This sums up the philosophy that governs IB education. The International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore are mindful of the evolving landscape in school education and incorporate the best practices and teaching principles prescribed by IBO.

The IB School Edge

The best IB schools in Bangalore such as Knowledgeum Academy adhere to the stringent guidelines that IBO prescribes in designing the school infrastructure, educator recruitment, having on-campus counsellors and choosing and organising events for the various IB curriculum-led activities. The best IB schools in Bangalore will have -

  • WiFi campus
  • Classrooms with modern teaching aid
  • Physical and digital libraries
  • Sports arenas for indoor and outdoor sports
  • Studio for performing and fine arts
  • Educators who are highly qualified and experienced in the teaching field
  • Administration and counselling team to provide learners with ongoing support

International IB schools rapidly adopt the prevailing best practices in education. Since their teachers regularly attend skill training programmes and events, and the schools are apprised of new updates to syllabus and curriculum, IB learners worldwide enjoy the same uncompromised education standards.

Facilitating the IB Curriculum

IBO has defined their learner profile to encompass 10 qualities -

  1. Inquiring mind
  2. Conceptual understanding and knowledge in a range of disciplines
  3. Critical and creative thinking
  4. Confident communication
  5. Upholding principles with honesty and integrity
  6. Open-mindedness towards diversity
  7. Display empathy, kindness and compassion
  8. Be risk-takers who adopt innovative strategies
  9. Achieve balance through emotional, intellectual and physical well-being
  10. Reflect upon thoughts and ideas

IB curriculum schools in Bangalore, such as Knowledgeum Academy organise events such as college festivals, donation drives, participation in marathons for a cause, lake cleanliness drives, academic field visits, and guest lectures among others. All these are done to facilitate learning by applying the principles of IB education. IB stresses learning outside the classroom by testing theories and fundamental principles through lab experiments, extensive research and reading and creating projects.

First step towards building an international outlook

IB recognises the relevance of international tolerance in all aspects, hence, from its early-year programmes to pre-university courses, the top IB schools in Bangalore including Knowledgeum Academy focus on giving prominence to international diversity. A remarkable feature of IB schools is the internationally diverse learners group and regular visits from international administrators, faculty and special visitors. Most learners whose parents’ jobs or other reasons require them to travel internationally or even regionally generally opt for IB schools. Primarily, this is because the IB syllabus remains the same though there may be some differences in pedagogy. Secondly, it is easier to adjust to the peer group and be introduced to the local sociocultural practices in the correct environment.

IB learners receive greater exposure to internationally relevant current events and issues through the course curriculum. Through initiatives such as competitions, events and exchange programmes, IB learners have the opportunity to interact with international peers.

Bangalore's best IB schools such as the Knowledgeum Academy integrate regional ethos and issues in the IB curriculum to help learners adapt easily to the IB course pattern. IB schools are prominent international schools that give learners the finest education through exposure to opportunities worldwide. The learners become focused and goal-oriented and through the various experiences, they develop an understanding of various fields and plan their futures early. Thus, they are perfectly poised to prepare for college education and careers at the finest international colleges and universities and enduring success thereafter.

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