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Tips to Succeed in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is engaging and demanding with multiple facets. The two-year programme is a transformative experience, teaching the learner skills that are relevant through college, professional and personal life. As a pre-university programme, learners are taught core per-university courses, which they can choose as per the college programme requirement. Learners are also expected to engage themselves in other activities and exercises through which they learn academic research, independent learning, and communication and presentation skills. With dedication, focus and strategy one can ace IBDP. We will discuss tips for succeeding in IBDP through this article.

Plan and schedule

You can start preparing for the IBDP curriculum before the course commences by understanding the curriculum and entering the classroom mentally prepared. From the first day of class, learners are given assignments that must be submitted in the next class. IBDP takes a broader approach to learning, so learners participate in projects, field visits, presentations, and other activities. They must participate, organise, or compete in them and write a detailed report on their experience. Each submission or presentation has a deadline. Learners cannot ignore or postpone their CAS submissions either. Update your ePortfolio, and maintain each subject file in chronological order, easy to access and review. Maintain an up-to-date calendar with due dates and study schedule. With an organised schedule, you can work with foresight, improve your work and give your best effort.

Study regularly

IBDP has an extensive syllabus and the theory papers are assigned 80% marks. Thus, it is important to be well-versed with the theories. The questions are generally essay-type and of a probing nature. So, the learner must understand the problem and give answers that exhibit their knowledge and application of the concept. Every day allot some time for self-study and solving past question papers.

Choose the subjects wisely

In IBDP you must choose six subjects from the 6 subject groups, which includes Mathematics as a compulsory component. The learners also choose two languages, with English being one compulsory language. IBDP stresses on interdisciplinary learning and gives learners choices to choose the course combination. Learners must choose at least three courses at the Higher Level and the others at the Standard Level. The primary criteria for course selection are -

  • he learner’s aptitude
  • The course requirement of college course admission
  • Learner’s eligibility

Consider all these aspects when you select the course. Try to strike a fine balance between your interests and your objectives when selecting the courses. HL courses are tougher, but you cannot choose the perceived “easiest” IBDP courses without considering their relevance to the college programme.

Take advantage of the help you get

IBDP schools generally are some of the top international schools that offer learners support with highly qualified educators, academic counsellors, university guidance counsellors, and student support groups. They have great infrastructure, education technology, digital and physical libraries, computer labs, and science labs among other things. Take advantage of all the help you can get to help you make smart choices or when you are confused.

Don’t put off CAS

CAS is assigned 3 points out of the total 45 points you can score in IBDP even though the learner is assigned a letter grade for it. Furthermore, without the requisite CAS grades, the learner is not awarded the diploma. It is important to start working on the CAS activities from the beginning of the course so that one is not struggling to complete it in the last few months.

IBDP prepares learners to be global citizens with unique perspectives, independent thinking minds, excellent communication skills, and leadership qualities. Understand the course objectives and explore the courses you have selected beyond the textbooks. The examiners assess the learner’s understanding of the course and the dedication with which they approach it. This will be evident from the quality of work that you submit. So, work towards your goals with focus and consistency and you will succeed in IBDP.

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