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IBCP Schools in India

  1. Introduction to IBCP
    • Overview and benefits for learners
  2. IBCP Schools in India
    • List of schools offering IBCP
  3. IBCP Course Overview
    • Curriculum structure
    • Career-related studies options
  4. Assessments and Skills
    • Types of assessments
    • Key skills developed
  5. Future Opportunities
    • Recognition by colleges and universities
    • Career pathways and options
  6. IBCP in Bangalore
    • Example: Knowledgeum Academy

IB Career-related Programme is a relatively new programme introduced by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to teach vocational programmes with the academic rigour of IB education balanced by practical application. Like the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), the IBCP is available for learners between ages 16 to 19 years. The course integrates classroom learning with practical learning and real-life experiences. It has elements of IBDP and vocational training which allows learners to start on their career pathway in high school. IBCP prepares learners for a future in college education, apprenticeship, and entry-level professional roles. Through this course, International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore teach essential professional skills, critical thinking and international-mindedness.

IBCP Schools in India

There are many IB curriculum schools in Bangalore like Knowledgeum Academy that offer the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), though the quality of education offered by every institute varies. However, the IBCP is not widely available, and the schools that offer the programme offer a set of vocational courses that the learners can choose from. Some IBCP schools in the country are -

  • Pathways School, Noida
  • C.P. Goenka International School, Pune
  • Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad
  • SAI International School, Bhubaneswar
  • Delhi Public School, Bangalore

IBCP Course Overview

An IBCP candidate’s curriculum will include -

  • Any two IBDP subjects at HL or SL
  • CP Core under which the learner will study -
    • Personal and professional skills - ethical decision-making, communication, leadership, collaboration, and decision-making.
    • Service Learning - through community service activities learners are taught responsibility towards society.
    • Language development - focus on building language skills in English and another language for effective verbal and written communication.
    • Reflective project - conduct in-depth research and prepare a project on real-life implications of the learner’s choice of career or vocation.
  • Career-related studies - choose one subject among choices such as health sciences, hospitality management, business management, computer science, creative arts and media, engineering and technology etc.

IBCP assessments combine internal and external assessments that include presentations, projects, written exams, and portfolios.

IBCP Scope

The best IB schools In Bangalore that are currently offering the IBCP, adhere to IB’s strong guidelines to ensure that learners acquire the skills that the course aims to impart. These are -

  • Academic strength
  • Career preparedness
  • International perspective
  • Research skills
  • Transferrable skills for professional and personal success

With their integrated learning approach, the IBCP integrates academic study with career-related learning. It allows learners to explore career pathways through vocational and technical training. Learners can opt for IBDP subjects such as mathematics, science, humanities, and fine or performing arts. Thus, they will build a strong foundation in theories and concepts too. IBCP contributes to the overall personality development of the learner to groom them into career-focused professionals. To balance the perspectives of future professionals and help them navigate the international connectedness of businesses, the learners are taught the significance of global interactions and tolerance.

With the introduction of IBCP, IB gives learners to study in a way they are comfortable. The course offers greater flexibility than IBDP by enabling learners to focus on the professional career of their choice from the 11th grade itself.

Future after IBCP

IBCP is recognised by colleges and universities across India and the world. Just like IB schools in Bangalore such as Knowledgeum Academy that teach IBDP, the IBCP learners can take a similar journey to a college programme. The IBCP is a one or two-year course, depending on the career-related course a student takes. To apply to college programmes, learners must have the -

  • background in the course they want to apply to (compulsory subjects)
  • Entrance test results (SAT, TOEFL, CAT, CET etc.)
  • Successful application (strong student essay, personal interview, application with many activities and experience)

The IBCP course gives learners significant opportunities and training to build their resumes and strengthen their student essays.

Just like the best IB schools in Bangalore like Knowledgeum Academy, many IBCP schools also offer their students guidance to apply for college. If the learner wants to skill the college track, then with wise course choices in IBCP, they can become entrepreneurs, apprentices or work in entry-level roles in their field and build their career from thereon. IBCP teaches its learners all the practical experience to give them the freedom to pursue their interests in their way.

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