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How to Prepare for the IB Diploma: Top 10 Study Tips

Table of Contents
  1. What is the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)?
    • Overview of IBDP
    • Importance of early preparation
  2. Top 10 Study Tips for IBDP
    • Choosing subjects wisely
    • Getting an early start
    • Sticking to a routine
    • Making your timetable
    • Referring to the subject syllabus
    • Being proactive in seeking help
    • Using past papers and question banks
    • Starting late? There’s still time to catch up
    • Understanding the course objectives
    • Not neglecting the DP core

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an intensive pre-university programme that is known for its academic rigour. The course objective is to teach learners international mindedness, application of theories and critical thinking. International Baccalaureate schools in Bangalore offer streamlined versions of the IBDP to give learners the best experience in the regional scenario. IBDP has written assessments at the end of the second year for which learners have to start preparing from the day enrol for the programme. Let us discuss how to prepare for IBDP.

Top 10 Study Tips for IBDP

Choose subjects wisely

The top IB schools in Bangalore like the Knowledgeum Academy have a detailed admissions procedure in which IBDP candidates are guided to choose subjects that will fulfil the following conditions -

  • It matches the candidate’s professional ambitions and interest
  • It meets the college admission requirement
  • The learner has an aptitude for the subject

IB is an interdisciplinary course in which learners choose 6 subjects from 6 subject groups at Higher Level and Standard Level. In the assessments and activities, your knowledge and understanding will be thoroughly tested. Hence, it is important to choose subjects wisely.

Get an early start

Most IBDP alumni recommend beginning from the moment you take admission to the programme by way of learning and understanding the individual subject timetables, solving past question papers and reading up on the topics of each subject. Some IB schools in Bangalore such as the Knowledgeum Academy offer bridge courses or remedial programmes to help learners ease into the curriculum.

Stick to a routine

IBDP course is packed with activities, so you will have assignment submissions every day, some form of extracurricular activity each week, project submissions and presentations every fortnight or earlier, and more. Hence, it is important to create a routine for school work so that you have personal time too.

Make your timetable

Two critical skills that you learn in IBDP are time management and organisation. Preparing a timetable will help you schedule your activities, including time for self-study. You can have every everyday timetable with room for adding or removing activities.

Refer to the subject syllabus

IBDP promotes self-study and research by engaging learners with the curriculum deeply. Once you understand the syllabus it is easy to find study material. You can refer to textbooks, research papers, online IBDP resource portals and much more. In IBDP, you are expected to understand the real-life application of the concepts. So, you must learn to correlate the issues with current events and understand their implications too.

Be proactive in seeking help

IBDP is not a course that can be done in isolation and as part of their objectives, they also promote teamwork, leadership, and community service. The course can become overwhelming when considering the sheer number of activities a person engages in. Plus, you have to research and find study material and references for the subject. So, do not hesitate to ask for help. Knowledgeum Academy is one of the best IB schools In Bangalore because of the extensive support system they offer learners through student guidance counsellors, mental health counsellors and more.

Past papers and question banks

An important exercise in preparing for IBDP is regularly solving past question papers and question banks. You must understand the exam format, how to frame answers and how to complete the exams in the given timeframe. Written assessments are worth 80% of the final scores, so start preparing for them early to do well in IBDP.

If you did not start early, there’s still time to start planning and to save yourself

Often you get left behind or it takes time to understand the programme and catch up or you simply procrastinate. It is alright. In such circumstances, discuss your issues with the student guidance counsellors and begin preparing for the IBDP strategically to salvage your situation. The programme gives learners leverage to study at their own pace.

Understand the course objectives

Bangalore's best IB schools like the Knowledgeum Academy have a proper orientation ceremony where the IBDP course objective is explained to the learners. It is important to understand this as you will be able to form your study plan and approach the programme accordingly. IBDP is not just about hard work, it also requires smart work.

Don’t neglect DP core

Finish the CAS as quickly and well as you can so that you have time for the ToK and EE. start on these essays also in the first half of the second year so that you have ample time to write a strong essay. Work on your strengths and take advantage of all the learning opportunities presented to you in IBDP. This will add value to your college application and help you in your professional career too.

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