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How does IBDP at Knowledgeum Academy differ from others?

As an IB World School that emphasizes values, international perspectives, community engagement, and leadership, Knowledgeum Academy offers an education with a purpose.

Knowledgeum Academy is an IB World School authorized by the IBO; it is a flagship institution of Knowledgeum providing the best and most contemporary international education for students aged (16-19 years).

We value the beliefs and perspectives that unite and shape us as an academy. Our values represent who we are. They guide Knowledgeum Academy and the ones who choose to study and work here. The values represent the perspectives and beliefs that differentiate us.

Knowledgeum Academy is located in Jayanagar, in the heart of Bengaluru and offers easy access to the rest of the city. The academy advocates life-long learning and universal skills, and advocates the idea that people should be adaptable and apply their learning in an ever-changing world. Providing an IBDP curriculum with career-relevant skills at a competitive price is one of our core commitments.

Learning from Knowledgeum is a process where knowledge is created by integrating the teaching-learning process with formal educational design. Through its extensive expertise in educational design and organized programme delivery, the academy prepares learners for academic success.

Career Guidance and Advisory staff help students decide on post-secondary options based on their academic goals, learning style, and personal profiles. If you wish to attend an undergraduate programme abroad, SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL coaching is also provided.

We provide certified training in search and rescue, lifeguarding, and other emergency response courses that bridge the gap between the basic functioning and capabilities of our individuals. We call it Life Skills Education. It is important for IB students to cultivate community service tasks early on in their studies so that they can become more socially responsible and acquire some valuable experience.

Think Tank brings together some of the foremost thinkers and game changers of our day in a close setting where you can ask questions, spark debates, and find inspiration.

We collaborate with organizations such as Teach India to work on projects pertaining to human development, health care, agriculture, gender rights, and other topics. These projects help you develop civic and democratic engagement, and you get to be more flexible.

Interested in experimenting with various strategies, making tough decisions, and addressing consequences in real time? Then we have the platform. At Miles Education, we deliver Harvard Business Simulations that are engaging, practical, and programme-specific.

We offer a certified Speechcraft Programme through Toastmasters that enables you to demonstrate the skills necessary to engage in personal, professional, civic, and social relationships.

lAYP (International Award for Young People) is the most adaptable and successful youth empowerment programme (International Awards of the Duke of Edinburgh). lAYP involves physical activity for mental, physical and social well-being and community service.

Knowledgeum Academy in association with Art of Living offers a four-day Medha Yoga Programme that can relieve stress and reduce anxiety through greater concentration, handling peer pressure, competitions, and freeing your mind from anxiety.

In IB programme, students participate in Creativity, Activity and Service element (CAS). Its purpose is to allow students to acquire knowledge through experience and take action in the service of others. Students engage in projects, clubs, community service, and sports for their own interests and skills.

Providing students with a stimulating learning environment

  • We provide transformative education solutions through the use of rich media and communication technologies in our classrooms.
  • Learn more about our Learning Resource Centre and Collaborative Learning Room, which lends itself to independent learning and the development of effective research skills.
  • Our laboratories specialize in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science.
  • Using energy efficient wide-screen computer monitors and eye-care technologies, our high-tech computer labs provide a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Our Recreation Room: We believe that sports can be an important factor in shaping students' personalities.

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