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How do I convert IB scores to GPA? IB score GPA converter tool

The IB Scores to GPA Converter tool simplifies the process of converting International Baccalaureate (IB) scores to a Grade Point Average (GPA). This tool is designed for IB Diploma Programme students who wish to understand their academic performance in terms of GPA, a common metric used by universities, especially in the United States. The tool accounts for the unique grading system of the IB by converting scores from 1 to 7 for both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) subjects. This conversion helps students gauge their eligibility and competitiveness for university admissions and scholarships. Use our tool to seamlessly convert your IB scores to a GPA.

Convert IB Scores to GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) measures the learner’s achievement in each subject they take in high school. The GPA is an average of all the exam scores for the two years of IBDP. The higher GPA signifies the learner’s understanding and command over the subject. American Universities ask for the learner’s high school GPA and every education board has their method of calculating GPA. It is difficult to convert IB scores to GPA because the grading criteria are very different. However, some techniques can be applied.

Converting IB Scores to GPA

GPA scores can be calculated using weighted or unweighted methods. IBDP awards points for courses, with 7 being the highest learners can score. An additional 1 to 3 points are awarded to learners for CAS. Thus, the conventional weighted method of calculating GPA may fall short in assessing the academic achievements of colleges and universities. The most commonly used chart for IBDP is the unweighted grading scale, as per which the scores will be assigned as follows -

7 4.0
6 3.7
5 3.3
4 3.0
3 2.7
2 2.3
1 2.0

This is the most commonly used scale by universities across the USA.

This is a simple conversion table. In IBDP, learners must take 6 courses, of which they have to take at least 3 Higher Level (HL) courses. Some learners take all 6 courses at HL. The HL courses are more extensive and intensive, so, there is an alternative chart, which is more comprehensive in considering these aspects too.

7 4 4.33
6 3.67 4
5 3.33 3.67
4 3 3.33
3 2.67 3
2 2.33 2.67
1 2 2.33

Credible Online GPA Calculators

University websites such as California State University have an online GPA calculator where you can enter the course name and scores to calculate your GPA. IB schools have their GPA calculation parameters which they apply after considering all aspects of the learner’s performance, including their CAS performance. Other popular websites such as CollegeVine and World Education Service (WES) give a comprehensive result after considering the subjects, subject groups, and levels.

Which GPA to consider?

Every university has its criteria with some universities considering the weighted or unweighted GPA calculation. Some universities have their calculators that use their parameters. Also, when university admissions are happening in the USA, the final exam results of IBDP are not yet out. So, learners will be submitting their predicted scores for university application and they are given provisional admissions for these scores. The predicted GPA must be close to the final GPA for the admission to be final.

Beyond the GPA

The subject difficulty, the education standard, the rigours of the curriculum and ePortfolio submissions will also be considered in assessing the learner’s candidacy. GPA is important, but they are not the only admission criteria to the university. US colleges also review the candidate’s SAT scores, personal essays, applications, internships and externships, non-academic certificates and recommendation letters. So, the learners should work towards strengthening their non-academic achievements if they feel their GPA is falling short. Many IB schools do not offer GPAs but submit the transcripts, which are records of the classes that the learner has taken. It includes the course names, grades, and level information.

Discuss the admission criteria with the school’s university guidance counsellor and the admissions officer of the university. They will share the GPA calculation method and admission criteria at the college. A GPA of 3.0 is considered average, but the candidate can strengthen other elements of their admission and improve their predicted scores to improve their admission chances.

quiz corner

1. What is the highest score a student can achieve in an individual IB Diploma Programme subject?

2. Which of the following GPA values corresponds to an IB score of 6 using the unweighted GPA conversion scale?

3. How many subjects must IB students take, at a minimum, at the Higher Level (HL)?

4. According to the alternative chart, what GPA does an HL course with a score of 5 convert to?

5. Which online GPA calculator is mentioned as a credible source for calculating GPA?

6. What additional points can IB students earn beyond their subject scores?

7. When applying to universities, what is often submitted before the final IB results are released?

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