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Extended Essay Exhibition Celebrates Perseverance and Learning

Extended essays are essential components of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

The extended essays play a vital role in the overall IBDP score of the students through tedious hard work, perseverance and determination. The Extended Essay Exhibition provides a great opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge, efforts, work and presentation skills while letting them celebrate their entire journey of EE (Extended Essay).

Before we proceed further upon how the EEE helps students celebrate their perseverance, learning and marvellous accomplishments, let us look at what these Extended Essays actually are.

Extended Essay - A Quick Intro

Every extended essay is not just an essay; it is a pure independent research work that culminates with 4000 words. Students start working on these essays during their Grade 11 and finish them approximately in the middle of Grade 12. Throughout their EE journey, the students are guided and mentored by their supervisors. The student picks the topic for the essay from the current course they're pursuing.

Importance of Extended Essay

Extended essays are highly beneficial for IBDP students. These essays:

  • Inculcate deep research skills offering practical preparation & participation to students
  • Give an extraordinary opportunity to students to research on a topic of their interest from the 6 DP subjects or from the World Studies extended essay options
  • Foster various competencies like framing appropriate questions, expressing and sharing ideas and investigating a topic through personal perspective and research
How the Extended Essay Exhibition Helps Students Celebrate Perseverance and Learning

Students get to showcase their knowledge, skills & studies - As mentioned before, these exhibitions create the right platform for learners where they can present their knowledge and skills.

Exploration of a variety of topics – From in-depth research and study on topics like climate change to analysis of peculiar paintings and more, the IBDP candidates get to explore a brilliant range of topics. Picking a specific topic of their own interest they research, study, present and celebrate the hard work put into the extended essays.

Develop confidence, reflection and promptness - The EEEs do not only help candidates reflect on what they have studied but also nurture immense confidence in them. As part of the process and as required, they respond positively to the questions based on the selection of a specific topic for the essay, the involved methodology, evaluation and conclusion. The same inculcates promptness in candidates.

Inculcate various competencies & aptitudes - Apart from the learning, knowledge and research benefits, the Extended Essay Exhibition fosters life skills and aptitudes that benefit students for a lifetime. From deep critical thinking skills to framing the right type of questions and from presentation skills to the power of expression, candidates get to learn a lot from the EEEs.

Enhance communication abilities - One of the most important features of Extended Essay Exhibitions is that it creates a platform where students get to interact not only with each other but with many other people. From friends to family members and faculties, the IBDP students communicate, share and express their ideas. This leads to the enhancement of communication and speech abilities. Even during the lockdown years when most of these exhibitions were conducted online, students were provided with a suitable virtual environment to interact with others and share and express their ideas and knowledge.

The Bottom Line

Giving an all-embracing experience, the extended essay exhibitions offer a brilliant environment and opportunity to the IBDP candidates where they not only communicate about their research, work and objectives but also share their unique learning experiences and insights on challenges faced during this unforgettable journey.

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