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Explore The Future Career Opportunities In India And Abroad After Completing IB Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Certificate (IBDP) is widely recognized by universities worldwide, including esteemed international institutions and those in India, as validated by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). With a well-balanced and rigorous curriculum, IB schools in Bangalore play a crucial role in preparing students for the IBDP, granting them access to numerous career opportunities both within India and internationally.

Engineering/IIT Entrances

Candidates of IBDP can sit for any engineering entrance exams like the prestigious JEE. IB diploma holders are not only eligible to take these tests but are also better prepared to excel in them. Since the IBDP curriculum encourages learners to develop logical abilities and problem-solving skills, they are more confident in taking exams that challenge a student’s creative and scientific thinking. Every year many IB students get selected at renowned Indian and foreign engineering programmes like Manipal University, Oxford and University of Manchester.

Liberal Arts

Apart from classroom learning, IB students participate in CAS: creativity, activity and service. Learners are assigned projects at CAS that help them hone their creative skills. Many IB students go on to enrol in liberal arts programmes at Jain and Delhi University since they are already excelling in Literature, Political Science, and Economics by taking these subjects at advanced level in school itself. They are not only ideal candidates for Indian universities, but also do well in their SATs and other entrance tests and interviews as part of liberal arts admissions.

Career Counselling

Most countries including India, are in need of more career counsellors since the number of students enrolling in universities is increasing. Being a career counsellor is one of the best jobs ever because you get to help students make informed decisions about their education and careers. The IB curriculum encourages its students to be inquisitive while touching on different aspects of education. Therefore, they are prepared to navigate others through their journey of making the right educational decisions. Many IB candidates have professionally started mentoring and guiding students make career choices.


Since IBDP allows learners to take up sciences at high level, they develop a deeper understanding of concepts in school itself. When a student’s interest in science is sparked at the school level, they are more likely to take up medicine as a field of study. Many sharp minds from IBDP clear entrance exams for MBBS and get admissions in prestigious universities like AIIMS, University of Toronto, University of Freiburg and Heidelberg University. It is remarkable how IBDP students go on to learn medicine and save lives every day.

Professor/ Researcher

It is worth noting that the IB classroom functions differently than that of a traditional curriculum. Every learner is encouraged to participate in discussions and ask questions in classroom setting. The teaching methodology includes motivating students to gain global perspective on issues and keep an open mind. These skills are celebrated in teachers and professors around the world. Many IB candidates go on to study education as a field at University of California, Plymouth Institute of Education and, Jain University and train to become educators. With their brilliant academic records and prior experience in research, they contribute to various fields as researchers and make a name for themselves.

In conclusion, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Certificate (IBDP) opens up a vast array of opportunities for its students. Knowledgeum Academy trains its IB students to become leaders in their fields of interest and create career opportunities for themselves. Any student enrolled in IBDP and successful at completing the course has ensured a bright future in any field of their choice.

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