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10-01-2024 Rajasthan CAS Trip: An Immersive Journey Blending Tradition, Artisanal Excellence, and Culture Details
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23-11-2023 Odyssey’23: Bengaluru’s Vibrant School Fest Details
10-10-2023 Nurturing Young Minds: Exploring Adolescent Mental Health Details
08-10-2023 Knowledgeum Academy at Wipro Bengaluru Marathon 2023 Details
09-09-2023 Fostering Future Leaders at Knowledgeum Academy Details
05-09-2023 A Day of Gratitude to Knowledgeum Academy’s Educators Details
15-08-2023 Knowledgeum Academy’s Vibrant 77th Independence Day Celebration Details
13-08-2023 Exploring Knowledge Through the TOK Exhibition 2023 Details
17-07-2023 DP1 Students Orientation Programme Details
06-07-2023 IBDP 2 Refresher Programme: Fostering Academic Enthusiasm for the Future Details
29-06-2023 Educators Orientation Details
26-05-2023 Annual Educators Reflection Meet Details
21-05-2023 Annual Learners Reflection Meet Details
26-04-2023 International Mini University Expo Details
08-04-2023 Creating Tomorrow, Today: IB Open House Session Details
04-04-2023 Preparing for Future Opportunities: Queen's University Details
08-03-2023 Women's Day, gender equity and inclusivity Details
27-02-2023 International Mother Language Day : A multilingual get-together to cherish mother tongues! Details
27-02-2023 National Science Day: Honouring Sir C. V Raman and more Details
25-02-2023 Mind the Memory: Webinar with Mr. Bhuvan Dhanesha Details
14-01-2023 Where the energies were soaring and the participants scoring: Kite-Flying Festival Details
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